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Petric Auctions - Having Your Auction

Deciding on having an auction and choosing an auction company should be an easy process.  Find a knowledgeable likeable auctioneer in your area.  What is important is that the auctioneer can give you realistic expectations and not surprises.  Though commission is one part of the equation, a good auctioneer can more than make up the difference in commission by obtaining a higher sale price for your merchandise or real estate.  Petric Auctions is highly skilled at marketing and realizing top dollar for your real or personal property.  We can sell both the personal property and real estate on the same day, substantially reducing the holding cost allowing for estate settlement and fund dispersal.
A person facing a dispersal of an estate of Personal Property often asks what are the advantages or differences between an auction vs estate sale?

Auction vs Estate Sale

  • Auctions are quicker usually taking no more than one day and are much more efficient than a mark down estate sale, having the ability to sell or liquidate large quantities of merchandise in a short time frame at true market dollar.
  • Auctions sell property in an up tick or positive upswing manner, opposed to people asking you to lower your price.
  • An Auction turns browsers into buyers and create a sense of urgency in every transaction.
  • Auctions usually achieve higher overall prices than an estate or markdown sale, using the law of averages.  Most antiques shop owners will tell you they end up paying more at an auction.
  • Auctions sell most everything as most markdown sales are left with a large quantity of unsold merchandise, though many offer a buyout of disposal, why run the risk.  At an estate auction many items you thought would never sell can be bundled with more desirable merchandise. 
  • Auctions create competitive bidding on merchandise opposed to a markdown sale where it is a first come first serve.
  • Auctions create transparency in each and every transaction as anyone can bid.  An item that is priced too low at an estate or markdown sale, has to be sold to for that price. 
  • Auctions create excitement, unlike the atmosphere of an estate markdown sale, which is more in line with a garage sale.  Because of this excitement, many people attending an auction will go home with items they hadn't planned on purchasing.
  • Auctions can be conducted on-site or if you have a large valuable collection, can be sold off-site at our location s well as an on-line auction.
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